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Welcome to Hendrix Home Inspections and Residential Recommendations, Mississippi

Hendrix Home Inspections & Residential Recommendations is one of the most leading home Inspections service providers in MS. We are well-known in Mississippi for providing reliable, prompt and cost-efficient home Inspections services in MS. We offer top quality same day home Inspections services on demand.

Our Mississippi home inspectors are highly qualified and experienced and have inspected thousands of new homes in MS. Hendrix Home Inspections & Residential Recommendations have combined their professional knowledge to produce an effective snagging methodology which is under continuous development. This is the first time in MS that the knowledge of chartered surveyors, building surveyors, senior site managers, architects, and developers have been combined to produce a new home snagging methodology and we are extremely pleased with the results. We offer a diverse range of services in MS including home Inspections, home builders, lender Inspections, termite damage repair, mold Inspections, same day Inspections, foundation Inspections, home repair services and much more.

Hendrix Home Inspections & Residential Recommendations has recruited a team of highly skilled and experienced professional home inspectors in Mississippi who are passionate about their work. They come from a variety of different backgrounds including site management, surveying, and architecture; have a vast array of qualifications; are members of a large number of professional bodies; and have worked for some of the prominent names in construction.

We Provide These


Home Inspections - Mississippi

Home Inspections

Whether it’s your first apartment or dream home in MS, at Hendrix Home Inspections & Residential Recommendations, we conduct reliable, prompt and thorough home Inspections.
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Home Builders - Mississippi

Home Builders

Hendrix Home Inspectionss & Residential Recommendations has been successfully helping families in MS create their dream homes. We are one of the most trusted local home builders in MS...
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Termite Damage Repair  - Mississippi

Termite Damage Repair

With a vast experience in Mississippi for the termite damage repair, Hendrix Home Inspections & Residential Recommendations is committed to offering the best in class termite damage repair services.
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Mold Inspections - Mississippi

Mold Inspections

Any house or business can quickly become infested with mold with the introduction of a water source, like a roof or plumbing leak. Mold can spread everywhere the property in as little as 2-3 days and can produce...
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